After the build

KHEN  continues to work with the community so that: –

  • standards in the classrooms are monitored
  • exam results are recorded
  • annual enrolment is supervised. KHEN has had much success encouraging parents of children with mental and physical health issues to have their children attend school. In Cambodia disability is often seen as a source of shame and children with disabilities are kept at home, out of public sight
  • the morale of teachers and their commitment is considerably higher in new schools
  • training for teachers in Child Safe and Child Friendly methodologies can be provided
  • the establishment of pre-school classes for very young children can be encouraged. Children who attend pre-school, achieve much higher standards when they move up to Primary school

KHEN’s existing community schools have all been praised by the Local Education Authority for: –

  • Increasing and maintaining enrolment
  • Higher state exam results.
  • More children going on to Secondary school with parental support.

The schools are used for a variety of purposes such as: –

  • adult literacy classes for people, particularly women, who have not attended school
  • Health and Hygiene workshops
  • community meetings. The schools give a focus for the whole community, which can be quite spread out because people tend to live on or very near their individual plots of land.

A school, once built, is a resource for the whole community. It encourages growth and development of the area and provides education for current and future generations.